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No Savings, No Fee !

Unlike other cost reduction initiatives that require some level of capital investment, Private Truck Consultants gives you the opportunity to realize significant cost savings and improved profit margins, with absolutely no up-front investment.

Allow us to complete an audit and analysis of your current leases, pending lease proposals, and current financial expenditures for your fleet assets, and we will present a plan to help you reduce expenses. Our fee is a percentage of your savings, paid as you actually realize reduced costs. If there are no savings, there is no fee!


Private Truck Consultants has saved its customers millions of dollars with the following efforts:

Obtaining Optimal Lease Rates: Full service leasing is not a “one size fits all” type of service because every business has unique needs and uses its trucks differently. And, despite competitive bids, lease rates vary widely resulting in some companies paying thousands of dollars a year too much for their leases. Our “no savings, no fee” lease analysis will show you what you should be paying, and our cost reducing recommendations will help you get there! So before you sign “on the dotted line,” get the facts and be certain you’ve got the best possible deal.
  • Even if you are presently leasing with several years to go on your present contract, our services will identify cost reduction opportunities which generate immediate and significant savings!
Lease Bill Auditing: Our audits routinely uncover significant billing errors which can add THOUSANDS of dollars to your costs. We focus on lease rates and other ancillary expenses to verify that your charges are correct per your lease contracts. After identifying the nature and amount of the overcharge, we will assist you in recovering overpayments and correcting future bills.
Fuel Analysis: Fuel has always been a major part of truck operating cost but is now crucial. Fuel and related taxes now account for 40% to 50% of heavy truck operating expenses, so paying too much for fuel adds substantial and unnecessary costs to your company's transportation budget. Because we help many clients with fuel cost reduction programs, we know fuel pricing, where to buy the fuel at the lowest price, how to minimize fuel related taxes, and how to improve fleet MPG. We will review your present fuel expenses for opportunities to save money, develop recommendations to lower costs, and assist you in implementing changes to deliver savings.
Maximizing and Understanding Tax Laws To Your Advantage: Improperly applied State and Federal Taxes and overpaying for State License and Registration can add thousands of dollars a year to your vehicle operating costs. Our experts will analyze your present legalization and vehicle related tax costs and provide recommendations on how to take advantage of existing laws to reduce these ongoing expenses.

The aforementioned services are offered on a contingent basis with our fee paid out of your savings.

Supply Chain Consulting:

Private Truck Consultants will help you take control of your supply chain and rapidly extinguish and prevent fires you may be dealing with on a daily basis. Our specialists will assess your current supply chain, identify bottlenecks and constraints, and help you develop, qualify, and implement changes.

Our methods include a formal supply chain audit conducted by experienced consultants. This precise audit will rapidly identify the benefits associated with improving your organization’s supply chain, is performed on-site with designated management personnel, and will focus on the following areas:
Demand Management Planning
Manufacturing Execution Systems
Warehousing and Storage Utilization
Transportation Management

Fees for Supply Chain Consulting are based on the scope and duration of the project.

We also offer the following Fleet Management services on either a project or daily fee basis
Lease vs. Buy Analysis
Fleet Planning
Maintenance Programs
Maintenance Facility Design and Staffing
Distribution Analysis
Temporary employees for Fleet Management and Logistics

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